29 September 2021
Saxophonist Tommy Smith returns to Dunfermline Abbey for solo concert

Internationally acclaimed saxophonist Tommy Smith continues his series of solo concerts in venerable churches when he plays in Dunfermline Abbey on Sunday 7th September at 3pm.


The Edinburgh-born musician has recently played in cathedrals in Aberdeen, Edinburgh, Lichfield and Dunblane previously played a solo concert in the historic Dunfermline church  when he performed in front of the tomb of Robert the Bruce. As a proud Scot, he found this inspiring and he is looking forward to repeating the experience.


As with his recent solo concerts, Smith plans to play tunes from the jazz, folk, Gaelic singing and praise song traditions, choosing the repertoire in the moment and letting the music breathe and develop in the naturally bright ambience.


“I see these church concerts as a celebration of melody,” he says. “They might also be seen as a chance for contemplation as people think about what we’ve been through over the past eighteen months and get to enjoy the possibility of being able to share live music events again after the enforced silence. There won’t be any amplification, just the natural sound of the saxophone in what is a truly beautiful building.”


Tommy Smith (photo by Derek Clark)

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