15 June 2022
Glasgow artist Cafolla releases new album conceived during lockdown

Glasgow-based keyboards player, composer and producer Cafolla releases a new album, The March onto Forever, on Friday July 8.


Influenced by David Bowie, St Vincent, Depeche Mode and iconic 80s movie soundtracks, the album is the successor to Cowboys & Africans, which peaked at number 2 in the UK iTunes R&B and Soul Chart and was voted 2019 Album of the Year by Scottish music blog Heard not Herd.


The musician behind the award-winning funk band Federation of the Disco Pimp, who collaborated with former James Brown saxophonist Pee Wee Ellis, Marco Cafolla has written, arranged and produced the new album, which includes contributions from singer Alex Baylis, trumpeter Cameron Jay and guitarist Ben Holloway among a team of musicians and vocalists.


 “‚ÄčI wrote this record during lockdown, while I watched everyone go (relatively) mad and deal with our new reality. I wrote about what I saw outside and on social media, and how I felt about the whole situation,” says Cafolla. “The album is about the walk of life, if you can imagine life as a conveyor belt, walking to our own beat. There is no beginning or end, we all get on and off at certain points. It deals with lack of control as a central theme, we can’t be in control of everything, and that’s okay - sometimes you just have to go with it.”


The March Onto Forever will be available to buy on CD and to stream and download on all major digital platforms.

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