20 January 2023
Percussion guru Gurtu releases new album with different approach

Internationally renowned drummer and tabla master Trilok Gurtu releases his twenty-first recording as a leader, One Thought Away, on the Jazzline label on 4th March.


Gurtu first came to prominence with Oregon and has worked with such jazz legends as Don Cherry, Jan Garbarek, John McLaughlin, Joe Zawinul and Pat Metheny.


One Thought Away marks a departure from his previous albums, which have featured a specific idea and a rehearsed band. This time, Gurtu decided to try a completely different approach.


Playing an array of instruments including including tablas, drums, keyboards, electric bass and the Basic 1, a revolutionary string-percussion hybrid, he improvised in the studio, later adding keyboard contributions from co-producer Carlo Cantini and Robert Miles.


One Thought Away also includes two vocal tracks featuring former Zap Mama member and fellow Joe Zawinul collaborator, Sabine Kabongo.



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